In this section, teachers should manage a process for students to test their technical and transversal skills as a first step to start DTAM training:

Creating a process

To create a testing process, just click on "create process" and then activate the desired modules for the process to be created (Tests, Video Interview, Data, Technical Skills/Hard Skills). Once the modules that the process will follow have been selected, it can be sent to the users, just by adding the email of all the candidates who will receive the link to evaluate their technical and transversal skills. Once a process has been created, the user will be able to access all the information obtained from the candidate in each of the modules and will be able to consult the percentage of the process already carried out:

  • Data module with candidate information.
  • Soft skills assessment results.
  • Video interview
  • Results of hard skills with the different modules.

Creating hard skills module and video

A module for creating questionnaires to measure the hard skills is available. It can be evaluated by classifying the questions into 5 different categories. In this one, the user just needs to create the questions in the platform and add the different multiple choice options which will appear to the student. In the case of the video that will help to measure the global communication soft skills, the teacher just needs to add the questions to be addressed to the students and include how much time they will have to answer them.

Candidate reports: Evaluation modules

The report of results is visual and user-friendly, easily interpretable. It combines qualitative and quantitative information. Each of the students that has participated in the process, will have its own evaluation which includes qualitative and quantitative information for the hard skills and soft skills measuring. In the hard skills modules the user can view the results and evaluate by classifying in different categories. In the video interview module, the user can view a 2-minute recording of the candidate answering customized questions. It allows assessment and evaluation while viewing the recording, scoring verbal and non-verbal communication through accurate KPIs. Once answered, the professor will need to evaluate and rate the answers of each of the participants. The platform allows it.


Within each of the processes, the applications made by the students with their results are accessible and the user can:

  • View the status of all applications in real time.
  • Access the reports of the results obtained by each participant.
  • Download the results of the process to stand out.
  • Quantitatively and graphically compare the results obtained with the desired results according to the group.

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